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Martijn and Enfant Terrible, Kn?bis and all the Sturm team on our trip to Liepaja, Zyrnys and the crazy addicts of Industrial Picnics ?including Strops un Darba dienst for their technical help!-, Svetlana for her eternal support and help to push the project toward Russia, Kiril, Andrej, Alex and all the Indiestate crew, Marek and his nice half, Petar, Petra and all the U?u?ur organisation (we love you guys - nada uber alles), some weird guys at the Torovna squat in Ljubjana, Tomas, Martina and the Arsmorta team, Eric (Tzii) and Night on Earth, Marie et Les Sons Paranormaux, Maud, Seb, Claude et Sonorités Obscures, Laurent, Cadav, Cyril et Thérapie Auditive, Moino (beloved webMASTER), Kontroleur Ubu and Jericho (for past collaborations), la raïa parisienne (Thomas, Gonzo, Maxime and the others...), A// (IP), Marco Corbelli (RIP), Blade records, Chris, Serge and their families (Steelwork Maschine), Sylvie et Stéphane (Nuit et Brouillard), Saphi (Nocturne), Botchan Karisen, Seb (ex-GMBH), Amo, Fab (Divine Comedy records), James B., Finally I thank all the hypocrites I meet everyday for giving me inspiration.